How does it Work?

On entering into an Agreement with Tool Van Services Management and paying the initial purchase price you will receive up to five days training in setting up and profitably operating your Tool Van.  You will receive all manuals, software, forms and flyers required to commence trading.  Suppliers accounts will be established and contact details for all the fitout and stocking of your van will be provided, including a recommended stock list.

You also receive ongoing support in finding the right tools to suit your customers. Solving supplier or customer problems is only a phone call away.

You will also be invited to share in special purchases and taking new products to market.

You could easily be fitted out, stocked, ready for business and producing an income within two weeks of our receipt of your final payment.

Finally you get our SECRET WEAPON!!

The extensive knowledge and experience of Ross Luscombe a successful Tool Van salesman for over 40 years!

Ross is the original Tool Van Man.

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